KSP has long been known as the premier name in refrigeration for the foodservice market. That reputation is grounded in a long history of delivering products designed and built to the highest possible standards of performance, quality and durability in the industry—standards for innovation and value set by its founder, Kanubhai Panchal.

Panchal began KSP Equipments in Ahmedabad, India, in 1975 as a producer of residential cooking equipments. KSP started the industry with a very small product line. In 1980, Hotel and Restaurant Equipments soon became the primary focus of the company. The Panchal Gas Stove is still well known in the country. From these humble beginnings, KSP has grown to become a manufacturer of one of the most diverse ranges of Hotel and Restaurant equipment available.

KSP set down the design and manufacturing standards that they follow to this day: Build the highest quality products in the industry. Use the most rugged, metal materials. Build to stringent, self-imposed quality specifications. And bring customers the long-term savings and value that comes from a long, efficient product life.

Then and now, KSP value comes from understanding just how rough the environments are in which our products work, and how much our customers use and depend on our products. That’s why rugged, all metal construction is at the heart of all of KSP’s products which are built to withstand constant use, all day, every day, year after year. Yet with every innovation, we find new ways to make our equipment easier and simpler to operate.

Over the years, KSP has constantly expanded the range their products for the food equipment market. It’s all based on a corporate philosophy that it takes quality to make quality—and quality creates value for the long run. Please refer to our detailed Product list for further information.